Over the last few years everything seems to be going digital with signage being no exception. You only need to look around your local area to see the huge uptake in LED Digital Displays. From hospitals, schools, small businesses and shopping centres, LED Digital displays are popping up all over the place. And it’s little wonder with LED Digital Displays receiving up to 10 times more eye contact than traditional static signage

Why your client needs an LED Digital Display?

  • HASSLE FREE EDITING: Easy to change marketing material from campaign to campaign without adding the expense of reprinting, shipping, processing and labour.
  • TESTING: Your clients can now test their marketing message, or even split test making it easy to modify their message, ensuring they are targeting the right audience.
  • AUTOMATION: can be completely automated to show different material at different times, also responding to a number of factors including traffic, light and weather highlighting how effectively you can target your audience.
  • BRIGHTNESS: brighter, making it more ‘eye catching’ to your consumers.
  • LOW MARKETING COSTS: save your client money by bringing in more consumers, and spending less on printing new marketing material in between campaigns and re-branding.
  • EFFECTS: Moving pictures, motion graphics, changing lights and full colour video are much more appealing to the eye than a static image and more effective.
  • VISIBLE: stand out from their competitors allowing you to build brand visibility and influence customer’s decisions.

Why buy from us?

 Our LED Digital displays are;

  • Suitable for most environments – indoor/outdoor installations.
  • Customised Solutions – We work with you to make sure we deliver exactly what your client wants.
  • Different shapes available to create your client a unique custom sign that can match your client’s brand, or anything else you want it too!
  • Spare parts, on-going support, including a technician to assist with support (travel expenses not included)
  • 3 years warranty
  • Ongoing marketing support
  • Great Customer Service, get delivery on time
  • Great Pricing

How to quote your customer?

In order to quote your customer, the following must be found out:

  • Is it for indoor or outdoor use?
    (This will determine whether the screen needs to bright enough to be seen in the light as well as ensuring it can endure the weather conditions).
  • How far away will the people be viewing the screen? (The closer your audience is to the screen, the smaller you want your pixel pitch. A general rule of thumb is to add a meter for every 1mm of pitch. So a P3 would be used where the minimum viewing distance is 3 meters, whereas a P4 would be used for a minimum viewing distance of 4 meters. Of course, the intended use of the LED Digital Display will affect this).
  • What does your customer want to use the screen for? (Again this will affect what pixel pitch you will want, as well as what size screen you will end up recommending).

Please download your LED Digital Display Info Pack for Distributors

Please download your LED Digital Display Questionnaire