Why LED Screens?

Why Choose an LED Digital Display?

LED Digital Displays have a much higher recall rate in comparison to traditional static signage as it increases visual awareness and brand awareness. LED Digital displays are proven to increase customer engagement, foot traffic and sales. Older traditional static signage is continuously being upgraded to LED digital displays throughout our local communities, hospitals, schools and shopping centres.

Benefits of upgrading to LED Digital Displays include:


LED Digital displays provide ease to change and edit marketing material from campaign to campaign without adding the expense of reprinting, shipping, processing and additional labour.


Your clients can test their marketing message, or even split test making it easy to modify their message, ensuring they are targeting the right audience.


Content on a digital display can be automated and accessed remotely, to schedule different materials at different times.  Ambient light sensors can also be installed to automatically adjust brightness.


Save money by bringing in more consumers, and spending less on printing new marketing material in between campaigns and re-branding.


The ability to have moving pictures, motion graphics, changing lights and full colour video can be more effective and appealing to the eye than a static image.


LED Screens are designed to be maintained. All screens are modular which makes them easy to maintain over a long period of time.