How to Start

How to Find the Right Screen

Whether you are starting fresh or replacing, in order receive a quote for a LED Screen, the following information must be supplied:

Is it for indoor or outdoor use?

This will determine whether the screen needs to bright enough to be seen in the light as well as ensuring it can endure the weather conditions.

How far away will the people be viewing the screen?

The closer your audience is to the screen, the smaller you want your pixel pitch. A general rule of thumb is to add a meter for every 1mm of pitch. So a P3 would be used where the minimum viewing distance is 3 meters, whereas a P4 would be used for a minimum viewing distance of 4 meters. Of course, the intended use of the LED Digital Display will affect this.

What would be the maximum size?

The overall size is important as certain locations are limited to what can be provided. Different pixel pitches come in different size modules which means the size is crucial.

What do you want to use the screen for?

This will impact the pixel pitch and type of sender box required.

Once you have this basic information, contact or call us on 02 9897 3077. Each project is unique and we want to ensure every client receives the right product, no matter the size of the job.