How to Start

How to Find the Right Screen

Is it for indoor or outdoor use?

This will determine whether the screen needs to be bright enough to be seen in brightly lit environments and during the day, as well as ensure it can endure the weather conditions in the environment.

How far away will the people be viewing the screen?

The closer the audience is to the screen, the smaller the pixel pitch required. A general rule of thumb is to add 1 metre for every 1mm of pitch. P3 would be used where the minimum viewing distance is 3 metres and P4 would be used for minimum viewing distance of 4 metres.

What is the intended use of the screen?

The size and the constraints required are a key element of quoting a screen.  The products on offer come in a specific sized module/cabinet, and it is necessary to ensure the maximum size for the content is not exceeded. The size of the display affects the choice of pixel pitch, aspect ratio and sender unit. If sports or the like are being viewed on the screen, the aspect ratio will have to be correct, and the sender unit required will have to be capable of producing the resolution necessary.

How is the screen being installed?

There are a number of ways a screen can be installed. Information on the location will help us determine an appropriate product as not all options are suitable for every installation.

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