Event Pixels Launch MI/MO Series LED Screen Cabinets

Event Pixels Launch MI/MO Series LED Screen Cabinets

Adding to the existing range of Event Pixels LED screens is the new MI/MO series.

The pixel pitches that are available for outdoor cabinets are P4.8, P3.9 and P2.9 while indoor has P3.9, P2.9 and P2.6. The cabinets are 500 x 500mm and include Novastar Processing with 3840Hz high refresh rate as standard.

The MI/MO series is a cost effective solution for both portable and installation applications as the modules are magnetic. The magnetic modules make them front serviceable with minimal room required at the rear to pull through the power hub.

Along with this, the central handle at the rear makes them a quick and easy solution for rental inventories as a single person is able to hang them. You'll also find dual side latches which allows for a creative staggered hang.

As with all of our LED screens, this series includes our Event Pixels 3 year Australian Manufacturers warranty which we maintain out of our Sydney warehouse.

Optional extras include adding a 5 or 10 degree curve module, hanging bars, ground stack system and road cases to hold 8 units.

Contact sales@eventec.com.au or call us on 02 9897 3077 to discuss a tailored package to suit your requirements.