Colorlight CL-5A-75B Receiving Card

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5A-75B receiving card is a specially introduced high cost-effect product of Colorlight, which is designed for customers to save cost, reduce points of fault and failure rate. 5A- 75B single card can load up to 192 x 1024 pixels and support up to 16 groups of parallel data or 32 groups of serial data. Based on the technical advantages of conventional receiving cards, 5A-75B can be integrate into the HUB75 interfaces, which is more reliable and more economical on the premise of ensuring high-quality display.


Display effect

  • 8bit video source input.
  • Color temperature adjustment.
  • 240Hz frame rate.
  • Better gray at low brightness.

Correction processing

  • Pixel-to-pixel calibration in brightness and chromaticity.

Easy maintenance

  • Highlight and OSD.
  • Screen rotation.
  • Data group offset.
  • Any pump row and any pump column and any pump point.
  • Quick firmware upgrade and quick release of correction coefficients.

Stable and reliable

  • Loop redundancy.
  • Ethernet cable status monitoring.
  • Firmware program redundancy and readback.
  • 7 x 24h uninterrupted work.

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