Colorlight CL-CS16K Media Server

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CS16K is a professional media server with powerful playback and control capabilities, high stability, and great scalability. Based on robust hardware, it is optimized for media playback of two 8K videos and output eight 4K@60Hz videos. With the built-in GrandShow, a professional playback and control software, the server is capable of decoding and playing different formats of contents. Specially, various styles of screens can be realized, such as screen split, special-shaped screen splicing and recombination, etc. In addition, other features are also supported including multiple layers, multiple scenes, and seamless switching between scenes, and more. All these capabilities and functions can greatly meet the demands from the video playback and control.



  • Supports 8x DP1.4 outputs – up to 4K@60Hz for each
  • Supports pixel-to-pixel display up to 16384×4320@60Hz


  • Supports playing various contents such as videos, images, texts, webpages, streaming media, etc.
  • Supports edit, preview, switching, saving, and copying of multiple scenes.
  • Supports functions such as freeze, background image display and scene switching
  • Supports decoding and playback of HDR video
  • Supports display content rotation at any angle; and various styles of screens, such as screen split, special-shaped screen splicing and recombination, etc
  • Supports real-time monitoring of system status, as well as alert of failure and anomaly
  • Supports PVW program edit mode and PGM mode for output contents monitoring
  • Supports capturing of NDI signals
  • Supports redundancy backup
  • Supports Pad control for visualized operations, such as screen monitoring and scene switching
  • Supports control via third party devices for scene switching, screen adjustment and volume adjustment, etc.
  • Supports programs and effects edit on the timeline
  • Support monitoring and logs.
  • Support scheduled commands,such as software opening, closing, restart, as well as server shut down, restart, playback, pause and stop.
  • Support window effects, including Color Wheel, Feather, Spherize, Invert Colors, Kaleidoscope, Keying, Marquee, Mask, Mosaic, Night Vision, Relief, Sharpen, Splash Screen, Twirl, etc.
  • Support transition effects on timelines, such as, Fade, Left Move and Right Move, Top Move and Bottom Move.

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