Colorlight CL-H2F Control Gear

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H2F is a new generation of fiber converter that is designed for small pitch LED display. It has small size and light weight, can be easily installed inside or on the back of the LED tiles. All interfaces are located on the one side of box, which is convenient for users to connect cables. It has the advantages of long transmission distance, high working stability, supporting photoelectric bidirectional conversion, and can be widely used in television, data center, monitoring center and other fields.


  • 1x 2.5G optical fiber port, with a transmission rate of up to 2.5Gb/s.
  • Single mode twin-core fiber.
  • Multi-source package with duplex LC connector.
  • Equipped with 2.5G single mode optical module of 2km transmission distance.
  • Hot-pluggable.
  • High synchronization and stability for LED display.
  • Distributed-feedback laser (DFB-LD).
  • Eye safety designed to meet laser class 1.

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