Colorlight CL-X7 Video Processor

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X7 is a professional control system and video processing equipment specially designed
for LED engineering applications. It is shipped with various video signal interfaces,
supports high-definition digital ports (DVI, HDMI, SDI) and their seamless switching,
allowing broadcast quality scaling and multi-pictures display.
With 8 Gigabit Ethernet outputs, X7 supports LED display with maximum 8192 pixels in
width or 4096 pixels in height. Also, used with a series of versatile functions for a flexible
screen control and high-quality image display, X7 enjoys strong advantages in LED
engineering applications.


  • Various digital signal ports, including2X DVI, IX HDMI, IX SDI.
  • Loading capacity of up to 5.2 million pixels, with maximum 8192 pixels in width or maximum 4096 pixels in height.
  • Input resolution up to 1920X 1200@60Hz.
  • 8 Gigabit Ethernet output ports, supports Ethernet port redundancy or controller redundancy.
  • User-definable video source switching and scaling.
  • Up to 3 layers, easily customize position and size.
  • Independent audio input and HDMI audio decoding.
  • RS232 protocol.
  • HDCP.
  • Brightness and color temperature adjustment.
  • Supports Better Gray Level at Low Brightness, can effectively maintain the complete display of grey scale under low brightness.

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