VDASTB60 - Display Control Box

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The VDASTB60 is a new generation of multimedia player created by NovaStar for full-color LED displays. This multimedia player integrates playback and sending capabilities, allowing users to publish content and control LED displays with a computer, mobile phone, or tablet. Working with our superior cloud-based publishing and monitoring platforms, the VDASTB60 enables users to manage LED displays from an Internet-connected device anywhere, anytime.

Support for multi-screen synchronous playback and synchronous and asynchronous modes makes this multimedia player a perfect fit for a wide range of applications.

Thanks to its reliability, ease of use, and intelligent control, the VDASTB60 becomes a winning choice for commercial LED displays and smart city applications such as fixed displays, lamp-post displays, chain store displays, advertisement players, mirror displays, retail store displays, door head displays, shelf displays, and much more.


Model TB60
Basic Parameter CPU 4 Core A55 Processor/1.8GHz
  Storage 1GB+32GB
  Decode Ability 4K 60fps
  Operation system Android 11
Loading Capacity Max Capacity 2.3 million pixels
  Max Width/Max High 4096(Max Width),4096(Max High)
  LED Output port RJ45 4 Main
Main Function Sync Mode NTP,GPS
  Dual Mode Switch Support
  Remotely Control Power Need Connect Multifunction Card
  Sensor Two aviation plug
Network Communication LAN 1000 Mbps
  WiFi 2.4G Switchable AP&STA
  4G Support(Option)
Appearance Material   Metal Case
Power Port   AC 100~240V

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